As a practice, our interests lie in complex but practical design, in solutions born out of collaboration with makers, and in the serendipity of the unexpected. We endeavour to create work that is enriched by a tension between the ambition of the studio environment and the tradition of the construction site.

We think of Gró Projects as the distillation of the work methods we are honing throughout our practice. These are a particular set of projects, that are designed, fabricated and delivered directly by the office. Each project undertaken in this manner is considered a prototype from which we are learning and developing. Reflection, modification and fine-tuning is crucial to this process.

Critical to the success of our work is frequent collaboration with a small tight-knit team of subcontractors, fabricators and suppliers. Relationship established during the construction of these project often carry into subsequent work – allowing a way of working and collaborating based on a shared knowledge of materials and skills to develop.

We strive for a design and construction process that is meticulously planned yet reactionary to contingencies when needed. Gró Projects are prototypes for a particularly manual approach to project initiation, design and fabrication, and embody the methodology of our practice as an architectural ‘works’ from sketch to screen to site.

To date the practice has completed two Gró Projects, with a third underway. We intend to test the approach on a larger multi-dwelling project when the opportunity arises.