Eden Road

Sitting on a corner of a cul-de-sac, occupying a restricted triangular side area to an existing dwelling – this project remodels an existing 1920s Dún Laoghaire Corporation dwelling. The existing house is a semi-detached dwelling set on a corner at 45° to two existing terraces, and as such the challenge of the design lay in creating a 2-storey extension to the main dwelling responding to these parameters without creating spaces that were impractical.

Off-the-shelf concrete stockbrick was used as the primary building material, with details in concrete soapbar blocks to add ornamentation. As the house was designed with an urban landscape in mind, a subtle green paint colour with a bolder green tone on windows, doors and cladding were chosen as a backdrop to the lush planting schemes.

Addition and Reconfiguration
Photography by Gró Works
Completed 2023

Glasthule – County Dublin